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Baybeeluv Boutique offers an IN-STORE Baby Gift Registry program!   Here’s how it works:

  • Expecting Mama comes shopping, finding all the things she would love to receive as gifts, and we set those items aside in a display basket (or two) with her name on it.
  • Her friends and family who want to participate can pull items from the basket(s), and perhaps find other items in the store as well for Expecting Mama (or even themselves or someone else!) and they will receive 25% off their ENTIRE PURCHASE, not just items for Expecting Mama!!!
  • GIfts for Expecting Mama qualify for FREE GIFT WRAPPING!!!
  • Once BABY is born, Expecting Mama can come in for a FREE GIFT, make any exchanges she needs to make from the gifts she received from our store, and receive 40% off her ENTIRE PURCHASE!!!!

This is a great way to get AWESOME SAVINGS on your gift items, FREE gift wrapping, and exchange assurity!  SO MUCH BETTER THAN ONLINE SHOPPING AND GUESSING AT WHAT Expecting Mama needs or likes !!!!

AND….  your participation helps Expecting Mama get a FABULOUS deal on other items she may need!!!